Are you someone who likes fast cars?

Do you like fast cars? Cars they go really fast. Some cars that go fast can also be big. Do you like big fast cars? I’m not really a big fan of going fast in a car. I’m never in a hurry to get anywhere. If I am, I’ll leave early. I can’t see the purpose of driving fast. I think it does nothing but cause problems. How can you enjoy the scenery when you’re driving too fast? The short answer to that question is you can’t. There’s no way to enjoy the scenery when you’re going fast.

Some say you burn a lot of gas while driving fast. I’m not too sure if that’s right or not. I’ve never studied it myself. I wouldn’t know if you get less mileage per gallon when driving fast. It might make sense that you get less. Then again, it probably depends on where you’re driving fast. If driving fast on the highway, then you’re probably not going to be burning any extra gasoline. Though, I’m not a scientist. So, I have no idea really.

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