Senior couple having fun while drinking wine

These two sure make drinking wine look like fun. Neither of them tell the story of a hangover. They had to be drinking quite a bit to be this happy. Probably enough to make them real sick the next morning. I guess it’s okay if you’re retired and have nothing better to do. Drinking away your golden years may be the best way to spend them. They sure look happy. That happiness can’t be just from the wine. Though, it could be. I really don’t know anything about wine. I could count on one hand how many times I’ve drank wine. Not a single one of those times where I ever as happy as these two are. Maybe I need to learn more about wine.

Check out these cornfields

It looks like this blog isn’t the only boring thing in this world. This guy is surrounded by cornfields. This very well could be the definition of boring. It certainly doesn’t look exciting. It wouldn’t appear that he is holding back his excitement. It could even be said that he looks somewhat bored. Some may think that he spends his free time reading this blog. That would be a good guess, but not an accurate one.


A new grocery delivery service

Every company out there seems to want to deliver groceries. This dog decided he would offer up the service in his own unique way. It hasn’t been said if he delivers meal kits or directly from fast food restaurants. Right now, his focus only seems to be on delivering from local grocery stores. You can think of this dog as an independent contractor. Someone who offers to buy your groceries at your favorite supermarket. You won’t be pinned down to just one store. He’ll even go to multiple stores if there are specific things that you need and the one store doesn’t carry it.

There are no current details on how much he’s charging for this service. It should be noted that he expects at least a few scratches behind the ear if you find his services are valuable. It goes beyond saying that your order cannot be very big. There’s only so much he can fit in his little cart.


How to spot fake sneakers

Did you know that some people sell fake shoes? These two guys are talking about fake sneakers. These shoes seem like they are extremely expensive. If they are or not, I really don’t know. They sure look like expensive shoes to me. I never knew that fake shoes were a problem. It looks like they are. Watch the video and find out for yourself just how big of a problem this really is.

Don’t touch my waffle

Were you thinking about touching my waffle? I highly suggest that you don’t do it. There’s no one good reason why you should touch my waffle. I don’t go around touching your waffles. No I don’t. I’ve never touched your waffle. I don’t have any plans to ever touch your waffle. That may change if you touch my waffle.

Just think about all the other things you could be doing right now. You could be jumping rope. How about eating an ice cream cone? There’s nothing at all to stop you from doing something other than touching my waffle. Have I convinced you yet not to touch my waffle? If not, I don’t think there’s anything more I can do.

Are you someone who likes fast cars?

Do you like fast cars? Cars they go really fast. Some cars that go fast can also be big. Do you like big fast cars? I’m not really a big fan of going fast in a car. I’m never in a hurry to get anywhere. If I am, I’ll leave early. I can’t see the purpose of driving fast. I think it does nothing but cause problems. How can you enjoy the scenery when you’re driving too fast? The short answer to that question is you can’t. There’s no way to enjoy the scenery when you’re going fast.

Some say you burn a lot of gas while driving fast. I’m not too sure if that’s right or not. I’ve never studied it myself. I wouldn’t know if you get less mileage per gallon when driving fast. It might make sense that you get less. Then again, it probably depends on where you’re driving fast. If driving fast on the highway, then you’re probably not going to be burning any extra gasoline. Though, I’m not a scientist. So, I have no idea really.